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I have a cake business and love all things sweet. I also empower and encourage women to start and develop their businesses and creative projects...Basically, equipping them to pursue their passions.

We won’t name and (cake) shame

Most of my family and friends know that I’m all-about-the-cake. That means I bake from scratch and I’m not the biggest fan of manufactured cakes (there’s more love in a home baked cake). So when I invited a friend to … Continue reading

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Eat cake and pray

My friend Michelle moved to New Zealand over ten years ago and I still miss her. We communicate through Facebook and there are occasional sweet tweets, but it’s not the same. You can take the girl out of London, but … Continue reading

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Would you like a profiterole?

I was in central London last week. I had just finished a meeting, when I went to the lobby to call the lift. The lift door opened – nothing unusual about that. But inside the lift was a charming man … Continue reading

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Bake and do your bit

I made these cupcakes recently to celebrate a great team of people who work for a charity close to my heart. The staff at Children in Crisis are a dedicated bunch, passionate about their projects, and they put the needs … Continue reading

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Bake it off

It was great to see Jamie Oliver and Taylor Swift in action last week for Stand Up to Cancer. Jamie was sending up Taylor with his own rendition of ‘Shake it off’, which he called ‘Bake it off, with his … Continue reading

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One Direction – Flavour of the Month?

I was ordering some cake decorating stock online last week, when I noticed this in the ‘sale section’: One Direction cupcake kits. The box contains cake mix (I bake from scratch, so I was even less enthused about this product), … Continue reading

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Happy Macarons

Is there no end to this man doing all he can to make us happy? Pharrell Williams has created two macarons flavors for his fans in Paris: cola and peanut butter-flavoured macarons. After selling-out four nights of concerts, the singer … Continue reading

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