I’m spinning around

“All the world’s waiting for you,

and the power you possess.

In your satin tights,

fighting for your rights,

and the old Red, White and Blue…”

Wonder Woman - image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

As a child, I would hear that theme tune, stop what I was doing immediately and run into the living room to watch…Wonder Woman!  The following Monday, you’d probably catch me in the school playground, spinning around three times, hoping that the same magic would happen. I am quite excited to see the new Wonder Woman film, featuring Gal Gadot. I am definitely taking my daughters to see this (we’ll all about girl power, in the Delights Kitchen).

Wonder Woman (1)
What I’m even more excited about is the ice-cream and cupcake, specially created to mark the release of the film.  Stone Cold Creamery has created the frozen treat, Wonder Woman Bold, a Dark Chocolate Triple Berry with chocolate shavings, edible gold glitter and raspberries.  In addition, the company is also launching a cupcake called Triple Berry Wonder, featuring layers of Red Velvet cake and Dark Chocolate Triple Berry Ice Cream, topped with chocolate frosting, edible gold glitter and a Wonder Woman chocolate medallion, an empowering and adventurous combination, on both counts – a power packed chocolatey taste with soft raspberries and some golden glitz.  I’m spinning around at the thought of this!

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So Fab!

Fab early

One the great things about the great British summer, is enjoying long hot, sunny days with a super-cool ice lolly (I think you call them ice-pops in the States). One of my favourite lollies is Fab.  This three-tiered lolly is a bit like a trifle: raspberry ice, with a vanilla ice covering, coated in sprinkles (in my day we called them ‘hundreds and thousands’, but hey-ho).


Being a child of the ‘70’s and enjoying the summer of ’76, I got through my fair amount of these and I still enjoy them today. This year, Fab is celebrating its 50th birthday with a limited edition Birthday Cake Fab.  The lolly still has its signature raspberry juice, but it’s coated with vanilla sponge flavour ice coated with birthday sprinkles; just like a traditional birthday cake.

Fab 50

I had my first Fab of the summer. It was perfect after a day out in the

sunshine.  Here’s hoping for more delightful days.  Here comes the sun and Happy Birthday, Fab; may there be more fabulous years to come!

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Last week at Cake International

I can’t believe that it was only last weekend, that I was at Cake International.  It’s the UK’s leading baking, cake decorating and sugarcraft exhibition, held at Alexandra Palace. For me, it was an opportunity to check out at some amazing cake creations and watch some creative demonstrations.


Can you believe that this is all cake!

The main reason for going was to be able to stock up on the latest ingredients, tools, equipment and anything related to cake.  I always spend far too much money, but I always see it as ‘an investment’.  This year I came away with a selection of sprinkles (that wiggled and jiggled in my bag all the way home), some cake tins and some new cupcake cases.


Here’s Miss Phoebe at her first trip to Cake International.  In the family, we call her The Unicorn, because she is such a free spirit.  So couldn’t resist having her photo taken, next to the unicorn.  And would you believe it, it’s all cake!

This year, I took my youngest daughter (Phoebe) with me. The great thing about Cake International is that, although for some people it is a trade show, it is also a great day out for the family (after all, everybody loves cake…right?).


Phoebe in action…

Phoebe is showing a real interest in all things cake, so she was delighted to come along. She took part in a sugarcraft workshop run by Inspired Creations (I have attended one of their courses last year and thoroughly enjoyed it). It was a good taster session for Phoebe.  I think she has got the ‘cake bug’; she keeps asking me to run some cake decorating classes, so she can attend. I’ll keep you posted on how we get on…




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An Excellent Cake

Matt had a birthday coming up. His team mates in the office got together to come up with ideas for his birthday cake. I can almost imagine the conversation:

“What sort of cake shall we have made?”

“I dunno?…”

“what does he like?  Does he have any hobbies?  Or what is he good at?”

“Well we all know he’s good at Excel…In fact we call him the Excel King?”

“That settles it, then…”


I made Matt this vanilla sponge cake with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam, covered with fondant and wrapped with a satin ribbon.  The cake had edible prints of the Excel symbol, an Excel super hero and a well-thumbed Excel 2016 for Dummies.  I hear that Matt loved his cake.

Happy Birthday Matt, continue to excel in all you do (see what I did there?).

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The secret ingredient



When you bake, you must bake with love.  If you don’t bake with love in your heart (or at least a love of baking), what’s the point of baking?

When you bake for someone or someone bakes for you, the secret ingredient is always love.  That’s what makes it moist, more-ish, delicious, sweet, and makes you want more…

So, if you’re savouring a sweet treat made or by your true love (or made by someone else with you in mind), or treating yourself (remember, self care is self-love), do it with love and for love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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How sweet it is


Whenever I was heartbroken, my mum used to say, “Don’t worry dear, there’s someone out there for everyone,” and she was right. connie

After years of being literally left on the shelf, Colin the Caterpillar has found true love and he’s making it official.   Since dating his girlfriend Connie, for less than a year, Colin and Connie are getting hitched.



After years of being a confirmed bachelor, and showing up at the best parties in town, hanging around with the likes of David Beckham and Boris Johnson, Colin is ready for commitment.  Close friend Percy Pig said: “Colin has been looking for love for some time and Connie is definitely the one – he’s smitten! They make a perfect pair and seem really happy together.”


The celebrity cake couple have been inseparable since they met and have been quite public about their love and devotion towards each other.  In celebration of their union, Marks and Spencer are creating a limited edition Colin and Connie wedding cake (available from 23 February 2017), just in time for the wedding season. You’ll see a more spruced up Colin with a top hat and black dress shoes, while Connie swaps her pretty pink signature bow for a veil and a bouquet of flowers. The cake also has a sprinkling of confetti and of course, two matching gold wedding rings.  It will be the wedding of the year. What a sweet way to celebrate love.

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A little jaunt to Paris


We love this illustration by Kasia Dudziuk.  It’s so sweet, chic and stylish;  it has all the things you love about Paris (especially all those chi-chi places to eat cake).  I dream about doing this all the time. One day, when we’re not too busy in the Delights Kitchen, we’ll hop on Eurostar and have a sweet adventure of our own…

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