1k it’s ok

I’ve been on Instagram for quite some time, and I love engaging with my audience.  I have made some awesome friends through the ‘Gram, who have encouraged me personally and encouraged me with all things cake (it was so nice, when I got to meet a few of them in the flesh).  I’ve never been tempted with those emails that entice you to ‘pay $30 to grow your followers’, I couldn’t think of anything worse than fake accounts or not having a true connection with the people who follow you. I mean, I’m sure that people who follow my page are people who love my cakes?

My following has been growing slowly and steadily over the months.  As I hit 950 followers, someone remarked “Ooh, you’ll be at one thousand followers soon, what are you going to do to celebrate?” I’ve seen the celebrations when celebrities or public figures reach their millionth, or 10k followers, there’s usually balloons, lots of glitter and gloss. For cake businesses, there’s usually a cake or some sweet confectionary involved.  Apparently, hitting your one thousand follower mark, is a thing to behold and celebrate.  As the numbers came creeping up, I thought I too, would ‘take one for the Gram’, and celebrate with a 1K cake. 

The day came and I reached the milestone and yes, it was exciting and it felt good.  But everything around me stayed the same.  Was now the time to celebrate?  Apparently not. “You have to wait, until you have over one thousand followers,” remarked my critical friend “ in case, people unfollow you, because you’ve reached one thousand followers.” Really?  Is this an actual thing? I ordered a 1K cake topper and got on with other things in life.  The numbers continued to creep up and I celebrated with a mention on my page.  But where was the cake?  I baked it, crumb coated it, covered it in pastel buttercream and left it to chill (which really, is what I should have done).  For some reason or other I kept over-thinking it? 

Should I create something that’s on trend?

Should I create something that matches my branding?

Should I do a giveaway?

Should I do a photo shoot?

I spent a couple of waking moments at night thinking about this cake.  It was taking far too much of my time, patience and imagination.

Then after way too much mulling over, I said STOP.  Just because everybody else does something, it doesn’t mean it’s something that I have to do too.  Once I reached that decision I felt free.  I took a quick picture of me holding my 1K topper and that was it. 

Hopefully, as I reach more milestones along the way, I will celebrate the way I want to and not the way I think I am supposed to.  It was really important for me to thank the people who follow me and engage with my page and most importantly, the ones that love and buy my cakes.

As for the cake, chilling in the fridge, it didn’t last too long. It was lovingly devoured as an after-school treat, over a few days.

1k, it’s ok… 

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Stand and Deliver

I’ve wanted to write a post about delivery services for a while. As we head into a second lockdown, it’s probably best that I do it now.

I treat my cakes, desserts and treats like my babies. Sometimes I become so attached to them that I don’t want to wave them goodbye. With the two delivery services I use, I know that every cake will be in safe hands.

My trusty friend Dionne from DD Cake Delivery Service, will have your cakes delivered to your door with second to none service. Dionne and her team have been brilliant, in helping me deliver surprise cakes and tasty edibles.

One of my customers reminded me of the importance of limiting my carbon footprint and introduced me to Pedal Me. They peddle to the medal and deliver on time. I’ve heard that they have completed an office move with pedal power.

During Lockdown, Delights by Cynthia will be offering a delivery service for cakes, cookies, desserts and treats. Please get in touch if we can deliver something sweet to your loved ones.

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In the Night Garden

Once upon a time, my daily routine included status updates which included Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka, Upsy Daisy, the Tombliboos, the Pontipines / the Wottingers, the Haa hoos, the Ninky Nonk and the Pinky Ponk.

My youngest would come home from nursery, have something to eat, and lay on the sofa before bathtime, waiting for the hypnotic voice of Derek Jacobi. Some evenings we would have have a tantrum here and there (and not always from the toddler).

In the Night Garden was a bit part our evening routine. We all chilled out and watched it after work, school and nursery. This year I’ve been thrilled to create two cakes based on the In the Night Garden theme.

1st birthday cake

Here’s one of the birthday girls with their cakes. It’s fun to be one!

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Black Mood

There’s usually a slight panic, if I am running out of any ingredients or cake decorating materials that happen to be pink:


Food colour


Sprinkles and Sparkles

Pink tends to be the most popular colour for cakes and cookies, but life isn’t always pink, sparkly and rosy.

Those of you in the know will know that I love all things gothic. So, I’m in my element whenever there is any opportunity to create cakes, cookies or desserts on the dark side. These creations in the past few weeks haven’t disappointed. I’ve been able to play with skulls, black buttercream, blood red drips and lipstick so red, it would make Robert Smith jealous.

My homage to the Frank N Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Black buttercream, red chocolate drip and those lips. I hope Tim Curry approves.

Black fondant covered cake, decorated with an sugar skull and textured black wafer paper. It could double up as a top hat (I could see Slash from Guns N Roses sporting it, if it was a hat).

An alternative 18th birthday cake. Decorated with black buttercream, red chocolate drip, lustred chocolate treats and a nod to the birthday girl’s favourite band.

So if you fancy something alternative in cake, I might just be your chick.

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Better days are coming

There’s still seems to be doom and gloom, and uncertainty about. But I’m so thankful that there’s hope. I had the joy of on working on a baby shower cake yesterday morning, using pastel colours and cute motifs. It was lovely to create a cake to celebrate a new life coming soon. I had to include this little rainbow.

While making this rainbow, I was reminded of Tomorrow, by Tevin Campbell and Quincy Jones. The words remind me that better days are coming…

I hope tomorrow will bring a better you, a better me
I know that we’ll show this world we got more we could be
So you should never give up on your hopes and your dreams
You gotta get up, get out, get into it, get it on to be strong If we try, we can fly to a whole ‘nother place

All we need is belief and a smile on our face
We can go anywhere we want, any road we decide to take
And we’re never, never, never too far from tomorrow today If tomorrow is light in a place where there’s none

Then now is the time to have faith in us all
Ya know we’re all in this world and we all can belong
We gotta get up, get out, get over it, get it on to be strong If we try, we can fly to a place in the sun
All we need is precious dreams and a friend we can trust

We can go anywhere we want, any road that we can take
And we’re never too far from tomorrow today Ev’rybody say tomorrow is just for us to share

And we’re gonna send our message of love out ev’rywhere
There’s a promise of love tomorrow has
Something special and it’s something we know will last and last ‘Cause we’re never far away, never

One thing I can always be sure of
Far away, no never the promise of today ‘Cause we’re never far away, never
One thing I can always be sure of
Far away, no never the promise of today.

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Cute cakes and the Rule of Six

I’ve always created dainty and petite cakes; for small gatherings, birthdays, baby showers and leaving dos. With the recent UK government guidelines reducing gatherings down to six people, I have been busy creating cakes that are equally delightful and will feed up to six people (if you want to share, of course).

A red hot and black Drip cake – Decorated with black buttercream, red chocolate drip and chocolates, chocolate treats and popcorn, with personalised topper and cake board.

A DISCO inspired drip cake with fondant glitter lips, lustred chocolates, waffles and popcorn.
A Drip cake to celebrate Nigerian Independence Day. Decorated with green chocolates and drip, lustred chocolate treats and buttercream piping.

Drip cakes can be delivered Londonwide, using our Covid compliant delivery service. Please get in touch if you fancy a cake, as a gift or a guilty pleasure.

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For the love of cake

I am always so appreciative when my customers take the time out to text, call or email a message of thanks for their cakes.  This has by far, been my favourite message of thanks.

Paul Smith

It’s messages like this help me to continue to do what I do, and most importantly, love what I do.

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Yes Sir, I can boogie


We love to dance in the Delights Kitchen. Last week, we were in a Disco mood.  There I was, listening to Earth Wind & Fire, Donna Summer, Chic and K.C. and the Sunshine Band, and it inspired me to create these chocolate covered Oreos, decorated with sugar kisses – Mwah!

I love the way music influences my creations. Blame it on the Boogie? But of course!

Let’s start a Disco Playlist?  What track is on next?

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Terms of Endearment

There are so many terms of endearment.  But I love the fact that they are usually sweet or sugary words:


Sweet One

Sugar, Honey, Sweetheart, Sweet Stuff, Sweetie, Dolcezza, Милая моя, 애인 (ae-in), Cupcake, Muffin, Honeypie, Sweetpea, Sugar Lump, Sweet Thang, Sugar Pie, Honey bunch…Whatever they call you..here’s to the Sweet Ones.


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Don’t Blow It

A recent study in the ‘Journal of Food Research’ has determined that blowing out candles over a cake results in over 1400% more bacteria on the surface of the icing or buttercream, due to the transfer of oral bacteria and other microorganisms from the respiratory tract contained more bioaerosols expelled in the breath of the person blowing the candles.  With Covid-19 these results are even more significant, this has raised food safety concerns.

I’ve taken the decision not to attach candles on my cakes (or on the cake board) until we have further government guidelines.  You can still have that special moment with sparklers and there’s nothing stopping you making a wish. 

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La Vie En Rose


We’re window dressing again.  This time, we’ve gone for a pink theme for the homepage of the website and we think it looks mighty pretty.


A modern take on the corporate cake, which we made for a nail local business. A two-tier drip cake stacked with chocolate goodies and edible discs with the business logo.

A giant Fondant Fancy – vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam, covered with fondant and wrapped with edible wafer paper.

A Meringue Explosion Cake – Vanilla sponge with strawberry buttercream, decorated with meringue kisses and meringue swirls and pretty pink flamingos.

We’re seeing life through rose tinted glasses this month and the view is gorgeous.


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Let’s Celebrate Cake Week

Cake Week

From 31 August – 6 September it’s National Cake Week. Imagine, a whole week dedicated to the nation’s favourite sweet treat.  It’s an excuse to enjoy cake, make cake and celebrate cake.



As the theme for the week is nostalgia, I created this giant Fondant Fancy, made with vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam (this flavour combo has been a firm favourite with my customers).  The cake is encased with edible wafer paper, to give it the authentic touch.  The super-sized Fondant fancy is 50 times the size of the average Fondant Fancy and there’s enough slices to feed up to 50 people and is a whopping 10” x 3”x 10”. A regular sized Fondant Fancy is 1.18” x 0.98” x 1.18”.

Lockdown has had us all baking and reaching for comfort food and nostalgic treats.  I’m thrilled to be taking part in Cake Week and to work on this super-sweet project. Fondant Fancies take me right back to my childhood; birthday parties, or tea time on a Sunday as a special treat.  Let’s face it; you can’t go wrong with an exceedingly good cake, who doesn’t love cake.The giant Fondant Fancy was donated to the Whittington Hospital in North London. 

What’s your favourite nostalgic treat?

How will you be celebrating Cake Week?

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Sweet Greetings

Know someone who likes cake, but is cutting down due to indulging in lockdown?  why not send them a sweet greetings card, instead?

These gorgeous greeting cards are part of a collection from the True Light Co , faith based cards, with awesome words on.


PersonalisedThere’s an option to personalise your chosen design, so you can really keep someone sweet, or win extra brownie points (see what I did there).  All the cards are handmade using recycled card and all the packaging used is recyclable, £3.49 each with free delivery within the UK.  Every time I look at these cards, it gives me cake inspo, such pretty colour combinations.





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Window dressing

I don’t have a shop front yet, but I do see the home page of the Delights by Cynthia website as my shop window.  Each month, I change the cake images on the home page and give them a theme.


July 2020

July was fun, bright and vibrant and I went with a rainbow theme.  Three completely different cakes for different occasions, using a similar colour palette.

A 16th rainbow birthday cake for Charlie (if I remember correctly the sponge was a bright red).  A goodbye cake for Anne with a meaningful line of scripture, and a 16th birthday cake for Rebekah, who’s birthday is on Christmas Day.



August 2020

For August, I’m taking you all to the beach.  Let’s face it, some of us might not be able to head to a real beach this year, but we can dream a little.  There’s my new Wave Cake,  using my own way of working with fondant, which I cannot wait to create again for future weddings after lockdown (imagine this as a three-tier beauty).  There’s the 80th birthday cake for Joy (who certainly does not look 80), using one of her favourite photos, and creating a beach scene with sugar sand, sugar sea shells and as a personal touch, a birthday message in a bottle.  Finally, a sea themed vanilla cookie with marbled fondant and sugar sea shells.

Let’s see what September holds for us all.  Let me know if you have any themes or suggestions of what the home page should look like for next month.

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Six months and counting

It’s six months to the day since the lockdown in the United Kingdom and boy, how our lives have changed.

The government announcement, yesterday evening, hit a further blow to the hospitality, wedding and events industry (but at least we had the Bake Off to look forward to, directly afterwards).


After many text messages, phone calls and emails over the past few hours, to cake business owners, we want to assure you that we are still here for you. That’s mainly because in the industry, we are there for each other. Last night I did my first Instagram Live with the lovely Naira of Naira Christina Cakes and we discussed the importance of supporting each other through this time and the value of self care.

A wedding cake for 15 ? We’ve got you…

A 1st birthday cake for 6? We’re here…

Some cookies and treats for a friend you really miss? We can do this…

A sweet something to remind someone out there, that you wish they were here next to you? We’re romantics, so we’re definitely here for this…

Who knows what is around the corner.

What I do know is that we will get though it together.

Continue to keep safe and well.







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Learn something new – Let’s make Ginger Beer

During September and October, you can join me for some new online classes.  I’ve teamed up with the fabulous folk at the Cook and Craft Collective to teach some online classes.

Let’s make ginger beer!

Have fun on this online workshop, learn how to make this old school beverage, with a West African history and twist. Perfect for parties and a favourite for your fridge. I will share some hints and tips for making the most wonderful ginger beer! This class is great for families, work teams and friends.  Let’s get together on:

Monday 30 September at 5pm

Saturday 3 October at 11am

If cocktails are more your thing, join me for cocktail hour, to make some delicious drinks to get any party started.  Get together with your team mates, family, friends and neighours.  There’s no rule of 6, when we’re online.

The Ginger Beer Cocktail* classes, for over 18’s are on:

Monday 5 October at 7pm – what a way to start the week?

Thursday 15 October at 7pm – prepping for the weekend?

The great thing about online classes is that they cross time zones and we’ll all be together ‘in the room’.

Join me in my kitchen and yours, it will be fun!


*Enjoy responsibly

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