Cake Tales: Alice in Londonland

 Once upon a time (way before Tim Burton’s epic invited us to be inspired with all things Alice) I received a phone call from London’s Lounge Lover with a cake request.  “There’s a couple getting married, and they’d like a wedding cake that doesn’t look too much like a wedding cake and the theme is Alice in Wonderland”.  Splendid, I thought.  This couple sound like fun to me.  I went to the Lewis Caroll Children’s Library which is not too far from me, and did some research about Alice in Wonderland. 

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake


I made a Vanilla Sponge cake with Vanilla Buttercream and decided to use the theme of playing cards and used the King and Queen of Hearts as the cake toppers.  To add a little romance to the cake, I cut tiny red hearts and red sugar roses to decorate the two tiered cake and wrapped the tiers with red satin ribbon.

I never got to meet or speak with the couple throughout the whole design and preparation process. They were happy to give me free reign to create their cake. I always refer to them as the Alice in Wonderland Couple.  After the wedding, they sent a thank-you to Lounge Lover for their cake and forwarded some cake pics.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake at the venue

Alice in Wonderland Cake - the bride had the King.

The Groom had the Queen.

I'll always refer to them as the Alice in Wonderland Couple.






















Some months after the wedding, I got a phone call from the Lewis Carol Library.  They were hosting an Alice in Wonderland reading and party for children in the area and wanted me to create a cake.  The cake had to be fun and direct and easily identifiable for the children.  I made a simple cake with Eat Me and three tempting cupcakes placed on the top.  I took the cake to the library (I even wore an Alice band for the occasion) and stayed for the reading and the party.  The cake was devoured within minutes and enjoyed by all.

“Your cake was wonderful, beautifully decorated, gorgeous, well received by parents and children alike. Most importantly of all, it was DELICIOUS!! We would recommend your cakes to anyone who asks us about them. Thank you. ” – Staff at the, Lewis Carroll Children’s Library


Alice in Wonderland 'Eat Me' Cake


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