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It’s only fair

We’re celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight in the Delights Kitchen.  Fairtrade Fortnight takes place from 28 February – 13 March 2011.  It is the Fairtrade Foundation’s annual awareness raising campaign to promote the difference that Fairtrade makes to millions of people in … Continue reading

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Bake of Day

There’s nothing better than a bit of early morning baking, for me.  I don’t do it everyday, but when I do, it is utter bliss.  It’s just me, my ingredients and the joy of being alone in the Delights Kitchen.  … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Vanessa

On 22 February, Vanessa Feltz celebrated her birthday.  Here she is with her Delights by Cynthia  Hot Lips Birthday Cake. “What a stunning cake!” – Vanessa Feltz

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Cake Tales: The future’s bright

  I’m a child of the ‘70’s, you’ll hear plenty about this in later blog posts.  I grew up with a mother who spent summers in the ‘70’s floating around in kaftans and wearing doughnut shoes.  We had an orange … Continue reading

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Chocolates! For me?

I couldn’t resist treating myself to this bar of chocolate from the Co-operative.  After all it does have my name on it. Cynthia hoped Derek would understand there was no room for his suitcase as well as her chocolate stash.

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My little biscuit

I arrived to pick up my little one from nursery.  She usually runs up to me shouting ‘Mama’.  Today she called out ‘biscuit’ and handed me a biscuit wrapped in a napkin.  Phoebe and the other toddlers had been baking.  … Continue reading

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Our secret ingredient

 Let me start by first saying why wait for one day in the year to tell someone how much you love them…However, Valentine’s Day is a pretty great reminder for those who need it. One of the best things about … Continue reading

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