Cake Tales: One Groom, Two Cakes, Five Days and Four Weddings…

On the FAQs section of our website, we let you know that for wedding cakes, we like about 6-8 weeks notice, if you’d like us to design and create your dream wedding cake.  That’s not a hard and fast rule.  We have been known to work miracles for those who like to live on the knife-edge.  Plus, we love a great story…

I received an email one evening, with the words ‘Help!’ in the subject headline.  A man emailed asking if there was any chance of getting two fruit cakes marzipanned and iced for a wedding. “Sure,” I said, “when’s the wedding?”…Next Saturday came the reply (this was late Thursday evening).

Apparently the Best Man had made two 14” round fruit cakes, but as it got nearer to the date of the wedding he felt less confident in tackling the cakes. 

 Two days later, Mike and Suzanne (the bride and groom) brought the girls (the cakes) round, then we had a quick chat about options and decorations.  As time was of the essence, simplicity was crucial, but I wasn’t going to scrimp on style.  I decided to  marzipan and cover the cakes with ivory sugarpaste and then give them a pearlished shimmer.  For decoration I wrapped the main cake with an ivory satin ribbon and decorated with tiny sugar blossoms.  The second cake was left plain.

Five days later, Mike came round to collect the cakes to take them to the reception venue. 

On the day, the couple had more than enough cake for their guests.  So they can keep the second cake for an other special occasion…Mike has promised he’ll give me plenty of notice.

Mike and Suzanne


Mike and Suzanne were married at St. Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield in London. One of the churches featured in Four Weddings and A Funeral.











Dear Cynthia

Thanks again for the beautiful cake. Here it is in action!

 Best wishes

Mike & Suzanne


A close up of the cake




Mike and Suzanne cutting their wedding cake.

Well done to the best man for even attempting to bake two 14″ fruit cakes!

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