Cake Tales: Moo


I’ve never known anyone consume as much milk as Phoebe (our youngest).   The family think it would be cheaper to buy a cow, rather than all the shopping trips to buy milk.  She does ‘good behaviour’ when there’s a bottle of milk involved and the bedtime routine is not complete without a drop of the good stuff.  In the mornings the conversation goes something like this…

“Morning Phoebe…How are you?”

“I’m good.”

“Did you sleep well?…”


“Did you dream about anything?”


When it came to Phoebe’s 2nd birthday, I began thinking about the type of cake to make her.  The Cow Cake started out as a family joke, but then I just thought ‘let’s go for it’ and make her day. 

I made a Vanilla Sponge with Vanilla Buttercream cake, covered with white sugarpaste and black paste cut out as a cowprint.  There was a touch of pink lettering and sugar balls for good measure. 

You’d think Phoebe had won the lottery when she saw her birthday cake for the first time.  She let out a big “Moo” and was ready to tuck in.


"Just hand over a glass of the good stuff and no one will get hurt."


Phoebe is nearly three and she still loves her milk.  I’ve got a few months to come up with another cake to wow her.


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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