Cake Tales: 5 A Day


I often wonder whether Carrot Cake contributes towards my 5-a-Day.  Carrot Cake is one of the popular flavours in the Delights Kitchen.

Recently I was asked by a gentleman to make a cake for his wife’s birthday.  She is a Nutritionist.  I panicked a bit when I heard that the cake was for a Nutritionist.  My cakes are delicious, but not necessarily packed with Mother Nature’s delights.

The brief: The birthday cake had to be a chocolate cake and it had to be shaped like a vegetable of some sort.  We talked about doing a tomato cake, but I’ve already made a tomato shaped cake.  I always like to do something new and different for each customer. We toyed with a carrot or a chilli pepper, but we both weren’t 100% happy with it, so we just kept thinking. 

I got a phone call the next day and Peter (the husband) hit upon a great idea, “let’s do an avocado.” So an avocado it was! 

I relish a creative challenge.  I made my Rich Chocolate Cake and covered it with chocolate paste.  I added some texture to the outer layer and brushed this with a dark green paste to give the effect of the avocado skin.   The top of the cake was created using sugarpaste which was painted to give a realistic colour. 

They say with creative copywriting that you should pitch your words so a seven year old can understand what you have to say.  So with my cakes, I run everything past the scrutiny of my ‘resident seven year old’, Jemimah.  If she can’t recognise what I have created in cake…Houston, we have a problem.  Jemimah walked into the kitchen and I asked her about the cake, “It looks like an avocado to me,”…Job done!

Avocado Cake

Peter came to collect the cake the following morning and was pleased with the result.  There was a party and some karaoke to be organised for the birthday party.

A few days later I received two emails:


The cake was FAB.

 Best wishes.” -Peter Silverman

Amber and her Avocado Cake for her birthday.

“Thanks so much for the great cake! We loved it & will definitely recommend you if we get the opportunity 🙂 Hope you like the photo” – Amber

So here’s to another successful cake and here’s to thoughtful husbands who plan and put together gorgeous gifts!


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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One Response to Cake Tales: 5 A Day

  1. Esther says:

    Hi Cynthia – lovely to see what’s happening with the business. Your cake designs are so creative 🙂

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