Wedding Cake Jitters


When I first started making wedding cakes, I was a bag of nerves.  Making the cakes, decorating the cakes, delivering them and setting them up gave me the jitters.  I was probably more nervous than the brides.  I just want to do the best cake possible for the couple and I spent many a night awake, hoping I’d done justice to their design and that the couple, and their guests would be happy with my work.  It got to the point where my husband politely suggested that I should reconsider my career in cake, if I got so worked up about wedding cakes. I’m still a little nervous as I do the ‘reveal’ on my wedding cakes, but I think that’s a good thing (who wants to work with someone who’s cocky about their cakes?).

A wedding cake is one of the most important cakes of your life – it’s the focal point of the décor at the wedding reception.  The cutting of the cake is one of those Kodak moments…everyone lunges forward to photograph the bride and groom cutting their cake.

With wedding cake jitters in mind, I can’t even begin to think how Fiona Cairns (the cake maker for the Royal Wedding) must be feeling. I’m sure she’s far more professional than me, when it comes to her emotions and making wedding cakes.  But she’s making THE wedding cake. 

I know that the world cannot wait to see the dress, but I know lots of my cake buddies in the business cannot wait to see the cake.

Fiona, I wish you all the best as you are baking, icing, decorating and preparing this special cake, I’m sure it’s going to look divine.


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I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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