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Oreo Cupcakes

It’s not an original idea, but I’ve been thinking of making these for ages: Cupcakes with Oreo Cookie Buttercream. So here they are, Vanilla Cupcakes with Oreo Cookies ‘n’ Cream Buttercream, topped with half an Oreo each, for good measure. … Continue reading

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Window dressing

We’re nearly there with the new website.  So please excuse us while we change our appearance.  If you’d like to see the latest cake collection, go to our Facebook page and don’t forget to  press the ‘like’ button.    

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Cake Tales: Dear Sir

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations’ Chief Executive, Stuart Etherington was made a Knight Bachelor for his contribution to the Voluntary Sector.  His staff wanted to congratulate him with a celebration.  I made this fantastic cake: Vanilla Sponge with Vanilla … Continue reading

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    Children – relish it Lovers – share it Chocoholics – stash it Stockbrokers – dabble in it Wealthy people – lavish it Pregnant women – crave it Designers – market it Women – need it Sensualists – indulge … Continue reading

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The Cake Lady

The girls found this picture card amongst one of their games. “This is YOU, Mummy”.

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