Cake Tales: Take my hand

Annabel and Meshach – 9 July 2011

I saw Annabel’s lace wedding dress way back in January, when we began discussing the wedding cake. She wanted the lace element incorporated into her cake.  Annabel didn’t give me a brief for her wedding cake.  She trusted me to ‘do my thing’. 

She remained so cool and calm throughout her wedding preparations; nothing fazed her.  We met for a brief chat about the cake at the beginning of the year, and from then on, we communicated through the odd email, texts and a couple of phone calls.  Annabel had set her heart on a Vanilla Sponge Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Raspberry Jam – she said it was her favourite type of cake and her fiancé Meshach, liked this too; a perfect choice for a summer wedding, I thought.

Vintage Lace Wedding Cake

 I made a tiered cake covered with fondant and a pearl shimmer and wrapped each cake with antique lace and satin ribbon.  The effect was stunning, but understated enough not to upstage the bride and her lace attire.

Our family was fortunate enough to be invited to the wedding.  On the morning of 9 July, there was a buzz in the Delights Kitchen, as well as the rest of the house. 

I always think about my brides on the morning of their wedding – I glance at my watch and think ‘Oh, they’re probably having their hair done now,’ or sometimes I just wonder how they must be feeling,  after planning this day for months and in some cases, years.

I arrived in good time to set up the cake, rushed back home to get myself  and the family ready for the wedding.  Driving to the church, my husband joked if this was going to be yet another wedding, where I’d cry. My eldest daughter didn’t ‘get’ why Mummy cries at weddings. “They’re happy tears,” I explained. 

We arrived at the church and settled into our seats, but not for long.  Even though the wedding ceremony hadn’t started, the band wanted everyone to celebrate the fact that this was a joyous occasion.  We were on our feet, singing, swaying and getting our groove on to Let’s stay together by Al Green and other classic lurve songs (my husband’s not one for dancing, but even he managed a little left foot- right foot, action).

Meshach wasn’t nervous. After all, this was his day too, he’d waited long enough for this day, this minute, this moment.  Annabel arrived at the church and walked down the aisle. She truly was a breathtaking a bride.  My husband looked over to see if he was about to witness another Kleenex moment, but I was ‘holding it together’.

Annabel and Meshach are a young couple with a great future ahead of them and everything to live for.  Their wedding ceremony wasn’t staid and stuffy; it was fresh and fun.  Their ceremony highlighted their faith and their creativity.  There was poetry and song.  Annabel studied Musical Theatre and this was evident throughout the ceremony.  As a special gift to the couple, her  fellow students sang an acapella version of I can’t help falling in love with you. Just as they sang the line take my hand, Meshach took Annabel’s hand and placed it in his…Too late, I couldn’t help myself, I was was already welling up…

Mr and Mrs Spooner cutting their wedding cake.



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3 Responses to Cake Tales: Take my hand

  1. toyosi says:

    A beautiful cake and a great blog. I felt like I was at the wedding!
    Bebe Clement

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