My number’s up

Last week T-shirt arrived the same morning as my number – 821.

Preparing for my next run.

On Sunday 11 September at 11.00am (10 days time), I will be running alongside hundreds of other women in the Adidas Women’s 5K Challenge – running and raising money for some amazing causes.  I’ll be the one in the bright red t-shirt – my chosen charity is Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice.

I still don’t see myself as a seasoned runner.  I have a long way to go.

It all started in January of this year; the usual resolutions fill pages of a journal and by the middle of the month, they fizzled out into thin air (or so I thought).

In February I read a blog post by Bangsandabun, all about running – more to the point, what is stopping you from running?  All the excuses I used to churn out (I don’t have the time, it all wobbles when I walk, let alone run, I have children…) Miss Bangs had a solution to the problem. So after a few emails and a couple of clandestine conversations with a friend who is a keen runner, I was off to a running shop for a gait assessment (it was there that I discovered that I run in the same style that Dame Edna Everage dances…you’ve got to see it…Perhaps not). I signed up for Race for Life and ran the race in May.  I cannot tell you what that high feels like, when you cross that finish line (it’s sort of up there with an epidural kicking in).

So here I am, about to do it all again.

Am I nervous? Yes.

Could I do with getting in more training? Yes

Will I finish the race? Yes! This time there’s no pressure at all around achieving a better finishing time (not)…My daughter is singing that afternoon, so I need to run like the wind, then hop in a cab from the Serpentine to Mayfair to hear the little darling (I’ll be the sweaty one in the back row). But I will do it? No sweat… I’m a multi-tasking mama!  Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice does the most amazing work, looking after 350 life-limited children or young people, and their families, living within the communities of  Enfield, Barnet,Camden, Haringey and Islington.  Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice is one of the chosen charities which Delights by Cynthia supports.  The staff and volunteers at Noah’s Ark have been so supportive and encouraging.

So, what do you have to do now?  Please support and encourage me by sponsoring me through my Justgiving page.  £1? £5? £10? It all helps.

Please sponsor me.

Special thanks to:

Bangsandabun and @Afruitcake

If you’ve thought about running, but not got round to it, here’s some further reading which might inspire you


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One Response to My number’s up

  1. akudo onyekachi ebhodaghe says:

    you go girl and run and be free, will be cheering you on. loads of love n more zumba for the fun n energy.God bless.

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