The Revolting Wedding

Jemimah, my daughter is currently into audio books.  The other day, we listened to The Revolting Weddingby Mary Hooper. A story about a girl called Katie, who promises to be on her best behaviour for her sister’s wedding, especially as she is a bridesmaid, and she’s not happy about wearing a revolting blue dress. 

On the morning of the wedding, everything goes to plan, until a few twists and turns from Katie and she tumbles headlong into the wedding cake, before the celebrations have even begun. As a Cake Designer, my heart was in my mouth as I listened along, when this disaster happened.   

We stared at the disaster area in front of us.  Bits of icing lay like snow over half the dining-room, the little bride and groom had nose-dived on to the carpet and the columns that had supported the two top tiers had rolled under the table.

Katie won’t be able to get out of wearing the bridesmaid’s dress, but she’s got to get herself out of this sticky mess.   Katie hatches a plan to cover up The Great Cake Disaster.  We won’t spoil the ending, but it is ingenious.   Even though this story is quite old (I can tell by the way the  wedding cake is described –  tiered cake with royal icing, columns and bride and groom on top, I’m thinking early nineties), we really enjoyed the story. So much that I contacted Mary Hooper to let her know that her books are still being enjoyed today.  She sent us a very sweet reply:

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for your email. I’m glad that you and your girls enjoyed THE REVOLTING WEDDING so much.

I wrote it about ten years ago. I am thrilled to think it’s still out there and still being read.

And as for the inspiration behind the story – well, this is the second book in the series (there are two more after WEDDING) and I had set all the wedding up in the first book and was trying to think of something really disastrous to happen at the beginning of the second, which would last all through the book. I hit upon the Great Cake Disaster. I’m tickled to think of you, an actual Cake Designer, listening to the story!

All good wishes,

Mary Hooper


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