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Birthday Card

I was looking for a birthday card for one of my girlfriends. I saw this in the supermarket and it made me laugh out loud. I do love the way you feel after a good workout, but nothing beats good … Continue reading

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Celebrity Cake

Every now and then, fellow cake makers will mention the latest celebrity cake that they are making or have just delivered.  It usually goes along the lines of ‘making a very special cake for a very special celebrity’…Or ‘Making an … Continue reading

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My friend Emma went to Canada, and all she brought me back was a bottle of maple syrup

My friend Emma went to Canada, and all she brought me back was a bottle of maple syrup.  I should be more grateful, she could have brought me back the Greatest Hits of Cindy Leon.  Anyway, the maple syrup sat, … Continue reading

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X Factor Cupcakes

  The week’s not even over and we have: baked piped buttercream swirls added sprinkles decorated packaged delivered over 400 cupcakes.  The cupcakes have been… for some of our coporate clients, for their exhibition stand a goodbye gift box of … Continue reading

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You can’t catch me

Run, run, as fast as you can…How cute is this Gingerbread Man Necklace, from JOY.  I wonder who’ll be getting this, on my Christmas list…

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Shoe Candy

I think I’m in love. Take at look at these…Don’t they just have my name written all over them? These gorgeous handpainted creations are from Studio Jellyfish.  They are customed designed, walking works of art – no two pairs of … Continue reading

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Vintage Photo Opportunity

If you don’t know already, I love weddings, but I love anniversaries even more.  When I get to create an anniversary cake for a couple who have been married longer than I’ve been alive, I’m beside myself. Nicky contacted me … Continue reading

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