X Factor Cupcakes


The week’s not even over and we have:

  • baked
  • piped buttercream swirls
  • added sprinkles
  • decorated
  • packaged
  • delivered

over 400 cupcakes. 

Cupcakes, as far as the eye can see...

The cupcakes have been…

  • for some of our coporate clients, for their exhibition stand
  • a goodbye gift box of cupcakes, for someone leaving their job
  • batches of ‘thank-you’ cupcakes.

    There were sprinkles EVERYWHERE.

But sadly, not every cupcake made its way into a box, not every cuppie made their way to an exhibition stand, or brought delight to a recipient.   Some cuppies just couldn’t cut it and didn’t meet the high standards of the ‘Delights Judges’.  These are some of the cupcakes that we had to say goodbye to.

Some cupcakes were so sad that they hadn't made it to the next stage, they didn't want to be filmed or photographed.

I sat there in the Delights Kitchen and I could truly relate to the angst of Kelly and Tulisa.  As I selected over which cupcakes had passed the bootcamp stage and were heading to the live events; I also had to break some bad news to some cupcakes…

  • ‘You just didn’t rise enough, and I know you’ve got so much more to give…’
  • ‘You are very cute, but you need to work on that attitude, it’s not all about you, when you’re in a group…’
  • ‘When you first came out of the oven, you were hot. I thought you had so much going for you.’…and on it went.So what will happen to the cupcakes that didn’t make the grade?…Well, in the Delights Kitchen, you only have one shot at being the best, so these cupcakes become ‘surplus to requirement’.  We put them out of their misery by undressing them from their cases, but we let them leave the Delights Kitchen with their dignity intact. Sometimes we share them with family, friends and neighbours; who are more than willing to give them a home.  Sometimes my daughters decorate them and pretend to be me (although my eldest daughter has greater apsirations… ‘Mummy, I’m pretending to be Lorraine Pascale’).  As it’s chilly out there tonight, we’re not going to kick them out into the cold.  We’re going to smother them with some hot custard and have them for pudding; that’s our winning combination.

About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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