Celebrity Cake

Every now and then, fellow cake makers will mention the latest celebrity cake that they are making or have just delivered.  It usually goes along the lines of ‘making a very special cake for a very special celebrity’…Or ‘Making an amazing cake for a  celebrity, can’t wait to show you the pictures’.  Now, I wonder how the rest of their customers feel, when they read about this or see the pictures.  Aren’t they just as special, too?

At Delights by Cynthia, every customer is important and is made to feel special; from our first email or telephone conversation, right through to the ‘big reveal’ when they collect their cake, receive it (delivered by one of our gorgeous couriers) or walk into the venue, and see their cake set up, displayed in all its glory.  I love the fact that every cake I make is bespoke and specially made for one person or couple in mind.  Whether it’s adding the wording in icing to an in-joke between lovers, or grandma’s favourite saying, or including those personal touches, I’ll go the extra mile for that wow factor. I want everyone who orders and receives a Delights by Cynthia cake to feel like a celebrity – at their baby shower, birthday, anniversary, hen night, wedding or sweet 16 party.

Interestingly, I’ve only found out after the event, when I’ve received a thank-you email or telephone call; that some of the cakes I have made, have been for someone ‘in the public eye’.  Not everyone wants their child’s birthday party or wedding turned into a publicity stunt, some of my customers cherish their privacy and I totally respect that.

So, whoever you are,  A-list or not, or so far down the celebrity alphabet, that I have to look you up in Wikipedia. I’ll roll out the red carpet for you and create your perfect cake…Just for you.


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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