Cake Tales: Leave it to Beiber

If Justin Beiber was around in my day, he would have been known as a teen idol or teen heart- throb.  I come from a generation of girls who avidly bought Just Seventeen, Smash Hits and Photo Love.

Nowadays, the likes of Mr Bieber have a fan base as young as six.

I was asked to make a birthday cake for Abigail’s 7th birthday party, by her grandma.  I’m still so impressed that grandma knows who Justin Beiber is.  Abigail is one of his adoring fans, who deserves nothing less than an image of her affection, on top of her cake. The only addition to the brief for the cake, was to make it glittery, as Abigail loves her glitter.

I made this vanilla sponge cake with vanilla buttercream and jam covered with white fondant and placed the edible image on top (I wonder what Mr Freud would make of all this?).  The whole cake was dusted with edible lustre for extra sparkle, and then wrapped with a lilac feather trim and decorated with glittery stars, candles and lettering.

The next morning, when the cake was ready for collection, I showed the cake to my daughters. “That’s beauuutiful Mummy…” said Phoebe, “What’s her name?”.  “It’s Jusstin Beee-ber,” hissed Jemimah.  I felt a quick attitude-alert needed to be had in the Delights Kitchen. “Is there something wrong Jemimah?”

“Nothing at all,” she flounced . “I’m so over him.” And that was that.

Grandma came to collect the cake from the Delights Kitchen.  She loved it, she thought it was fab (Grandma, can I take this opportunity to say that you rock…with your black nail varnish, skinny jeans and tattoo).  There was one problem with the cake, according to Grandma. “He looks so lovely, Abigail’s not going to want to cut the cake!”

Mr Freud, what would you make of this?


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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