Iron Cupcakes

 Not many people know this, but I had my light bulb moment about my cake business, on a train to London, coming back from the Conservative Party Conference in 2005.  I bought a slice of cake, ate the cake and knew that I could do so much better than this…

Fast forward seven years and Delights by Cynthia is growing and blossoming into a beautiful business.  I keep reminding myself that the best is yet to come.

Earlier this month, the long-awaited Iron Lady hit our screens and it has had mixed reviews.  I’m sure that Ms Streep will bag an Oscar for her portrayal. 

Whatever your views on Margaret Thatcher, she was one of a kind and will forever be remembered in history.

In homage to my light bulb moment and (I have to admit) Mrs Thatcher, I created these limited edition Iron Lady cupcakes; with sugar cake toppers showing a handbag, the no U-turn sign and a blue dress with pearls.

I sent a box of cupcakes to Antonia Cox (the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Islington South),  who took the cupcakes to the Conservative Party HQ, for an event that was being held. The next day, I received this email from Antonia.

 Dear Cynthia,

Thank you so much for the cupcakes which were delicious! Some of the ladies who found Mrs Thatcher an inspiration to women had found the film of The Iron Lady very sad – so it was good to have something to cheer them up.

All the best

Antonia Cox

Antonia Cox and her cupcakes.

I’ve come a long way since 2005 and to paraphrase a great lady; there’s no turning back.


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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4 Responses to Iron Cupcakes

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  3. ocagnano says:

    Always great to read about what inspires people. Keep it up.

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