Cake Crush

Another new feature on this blog is going to be called Cake Crush.  These are the people who

  • I admire
  • I look up to
  • Have so much to learn from
  • Have been blessed to meet, in this crazy world of cake.

First up, we have Kaysie Lackey.  I got the opportunity to train with Kaysie a few weeks ago.  Kaysie is a breath of fresh air.

For starters, she’s not one of the ‘frilly apron brigade’ – she’s not all icing sugar and cuteness. She’s got tattos, she’s edgy, she drinks coffee so strong, they don’t have a name for it yet at Starbucks.

In 2010 Kaysie was the Food Network Challenge winner for Paranormal Cakes and Extreme Villain Cakes.

During the day I learnt so much, especially about the business side of creating cakes. “Having a bakery is like having a child,” says Kaysie, “it will take up all of your time.”

The first thing I learnt from Kaysie was to take more control when working with a cake.  I need to show the cake who’s boss.  Or a Kaysie so eloquently put it: “make the cake your bitch”.

I could relate to how Kaysie has found creating cakes as an outlet to channel her creativity. Kaysie was an art student, who went on to become a make-up artist. She is self-taught, so her work doesn’t have any boundaries.  The tools and techniques she applies to her work aren’t the conventional tools you’d associate with sugarcraft tools – you’re more likely to find them in a DIY store or a tool box.

So here’s what Kaysie had to say about her time in London: “People in England appreciate that cakes can be a work of art – not just sugar, flour and butter.  You don’t hear people in England say it’s just a cake. People respect cake crafters in England.”

Where does she get her inspiration: “I can take my inspiration from anywhere.  While in London, I’ve been inspired by some of the window displays in Harrods…I’m inspired by films, architecture, art…fashion, vintage prints and patterns…”

I talked to Kaysie about how I like to Bake and Shake in the Delights Kitchen.  I was keen to know what she liked to listen to when she was working: “When I’m in a mellow mood I like listening to Mumford and Sons and Florence and the Machine” (eclectic British tip: methinks) “But when I’m feeling upbeat and need music to energise me, it’ll be Green Day…Offspring…Depending on what I’m listening to, my employees know what kind of mood I’m in…”

Kaysie Lackey owns The People’s Cake in Seattle and is a regular on Food Network Challenge. She combines art and fashion to create original and over-the-top cake creations.


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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2 Responses to Cake Crush

  1. orijinalchris says:

    Really nice photo… makes me smile.

  2. A fan says:

    great idea for blog post. I might steal that idea 😉

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