Diesel Dads

With Father’s Day approaching, I thought it be fitting to honour the dads, especially all the dads I meet in the Delights Kitchen.

Diesel Dads, as I call them are young (well, they’re about my age, so that’s middle-youth, baby), they still care about their appearance (hence the name… and most of them look pretty good with it too); and they are the proud fathers of one, two or three littlees.  These guys have so much experience on fatherhood; they could be script advisers on Outnumbered. 

It’s the birthday party for one of their offspring, and their wife or partner has organised everything…The guest list, invites,  the entertainment, the goody bags, the ‘wine and nibbles for the parents’ and even the thank-you notes.  The one thing that dad has to do is pick up the cake.

Saturday morning, strategically before kick-off, is the time I usually meet Diesel Dads.  They arrive in the Delights Kitchen, wow at the fondant wonder I have created for their child and hand over a fistful of fivers as payment.  Sometimes we talk about the football (I’m a Gooner and I can’t help it), ‘the kids of today’, or the latest political scandal.  These dads even have time to chat and joke with my girls (remember, they can relate to little people as they have some at home).  They tell my husband he must be the luckiest man alive, to live with a woman who bakes all day.  Some of the dads are regulars (they’ve collected cakes for their children, their other half and even the mother-in-law).  Some are new customers. Either way, we salute you dads. 

Thanks for everything, especially for collecting the cake!

Our celebrations wouldn’t be the same without you or the cake.  Happy Father’s Day! I hope there’s a nice slice of cake for you.


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I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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