Our little lollibob

I can’t believe that my little one, Miss Phoebe, is four! Last week, we celebrated with two cakes.  She was determined to have a ‘four cake’ so that’s what she got.  Rich chocolate cake covered with fondant and decorated with hearts.

Having a birthday in July means that Phoebe is almost certain of a sunny day for each birthday.

I created this giant Ice lolly cake for her.  Strawberry sponge covered with fondant and decorated with chocolate fondant.  It’s the lick!

Here’s a pic to show how bit the cake was to a real ice lolly…

The cake is almost bigger than Phoebe.

Make a wish…

And cut!


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business and love all things sweet. I also empower and encourage women to start and develop their businesses and creative projects...Basically, equipping them to pursue their passions.
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