Cake or cupcake? The Stag

“Would I prefer a slice of cake or a cupcake and why: I would not only prefer but I would insist on a cupcake. Why you ask? Capitalism. I have no shame in admitting to you that I am a capitalist. I believe in the free market and an unfettered economy. I also think that there are deep-rooted flaws in the adversary of capitalism, I talk of course, of communism. Communists like slices of things. Things such as cake. They like to take the collective pot and divide regardless of individual effort. I dislike this philosophy. I like to own my cake in its entirety. To look at the cake I have produced and marvel at its mineness. Now, this may mean that the cake itself is smaller – even cup-cake sized, but that entire cupcake is mine, I own it. I think that is simpler and more rewarding than taking my part (a part which will surely never be cut equal thanks to a variety of factors) of a pooled, collective cake.”

– Andrew Shanahan, Editor of Staggered



About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business and love all things sweet. I also empower and encourage women to start and develop their businesses and creative projects...Basically, equipping them to pursue their passions.
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