Galette de rois, anyone?

I’m always excited and fascinated to learn about different cultures, especially when it involves cake.
Sophie Marette

I recently met up with Sophie Marette, a language tutor who runs Voulez-vous Parler. It wasn’t long before we were discussing my favourite subject. Sophie began to tell me all about the traditional French Galette de rois, served during Ephipany marking the time the three kings went to visit the baby Jesus:

3 kings

“Galette de rois is a French cake celebrating Epiphany, which the French eat a few days before or after the 6th January. You can buy an apple or marzipan galette with a cardboard golden crown and a féve hidden inside. You need to be careful when you eat your piece of galette because féves are usually made of porcelain, even in the cheapest versions,” says Sophie.
Galette de rois

“The person finding the féve in their galette will be la reine or le roi (the King or Queen) and will have to name their king or Queen amongst other people around the table.”

“It is common to eat a galette des rois at work and at home, so if you’re lucky, you can add a few news féves to your collection. Galette des rois is a very important tradition with French families.”

Here is 'The King' (Sophie's Dad) at a festive celebration.

Here is ‘The King’ (Sophie’s Dad) at a festive celebration.

For more information about Voulez-vous parlez, go to:


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