Galette de rois – part 2

I picked my daughters up from school this afternoon. As a ‘good mother’, I always ask “How was your day? and “what did you learn?”

Well, to my surpise, Jemimah learnt all about a French tradition at New Year. She learnt that to celebrate the new year, the youngest person in the family goes under the dinner table and calls the names of the guests. Whoever the child picks first, is the first person to have a slice of cake. If you find the charm inside the cake, you are crowned the king or queen for the day. Everyone has to listen to your orders for that day. The class got to try this delicious cake, and guess who got the charm?

Jemimah with her crown and charm.

Jemimah with her crown and charm.


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One Response to Galette de rois – part 2

  1. Sophielondon says:

    Excellent! Guess what? I’m making one this week!

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