Wedding cakes around the world: Peru

There are so many beautiful, thoughtful and sentimental customs surrounding wedding cakes; around the world. I thought we’d go on a little journey discovering them. You might want to incorporate them in your wedding. First stop: Peru

There’s an unusual wedding cake tradition, known as the Peruvian Cake Pull. For a cake pull, the wedding cake is made up of several layers of cake, which are attached to ribbons. At the end of one the ribbons is a ring (placed inside the cake). After the wedding ceremony, all the unmarried women will gather round the cake and pull the ribbons. The woman who finds the ribbon with the ring attached is supposed to be the next one to be married (a bit like, whoever catches bouquet in western weddings).

Cake pull

The newlyweds then cut the wedding cake, feed the first slice to each other and then the cake is shared to their guests.

I like this custom… A bit more ladylike than the usual scramble for the flowers.

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4 Responses to Wedding cakes around the world: Peru

  1. Ah I love this! I am going to Peru this year too so I will (try to remember to) ask about this. I love hearing wedding traditions from around the world or from even from just down the road! Very cute x

  2. William Heartsill says:

    I’m from Texas and was married to my Peruvian wife in Piura, Peru. We had a two layer Peruvian Wedding cake with the cake pull from the bottom layer, it was a traditional Peruvian Wedding cake from the north, fruit cake with an Almond Paste icing. After the pull we cut the cake, we ate our piece, then you slice the cake and put in a paper sleeve and give to the guest. We had 250 guest and after we gave out the slices we still had cake for ourselves for two weeks into our month long Honeymoon!

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