Cake or Cupcake? Diadem Kiss


“I had hoped that this question would swiftly be followed up with one of Cynthia’s cupcakes which are truly as delicious as they look…

Who’d have thought such a seemingly simple question would be so potent for reflection and consideration.
Okay so here is my manifesto on why I elect cake every time:

Although cupcakes have trés fashionable points at the moment and come in generous portions. They simply cannot compete when it comes to my beloved cake. Sorry!!
Cupcakes are only required to look pretty on their top surface, as the bulk of their goodness is hidden by its flimsy thin paper case. Because lets face it, they are a bit more of the selfish bite between the two. They seem to do best when congregated with five or so of their friends. Trust me -It would take a truly exceptional cupcake for me to pass up on a whole cake.

Cakes are far more classy too. As they have to be adorned all over. They’ve nothing to hide. Plus they stand head and shoulders over cupcakes as the more regal of the two. Cakes are always more formal too and can be suitably dressed for any occasion. Cakes expect to be seen from every angle by hungry eyes….And celebrated. So this makes cake the more secure treat. Also cakes tend to be securely fixed onto a sturdy cake board (you see cakes are hardcore mate, there’s nothing flimsy going on around cakes- unlike cupcakes I tell ya…;).

You could be deceived as to how strong a cake and cake-boards relationship is if you were not in the know. No they don’t have to be showy about their bond, they have confidence in each other playing their role. They’re committed to the cause. There will be not just one bite of fun business going on around here, thank you very much. You see, it’s usual for the them be seamlessly decorated into magnificent art (together in unity). So don’t be fooled, cakes are not weak, they simply have a strong foundation… That’s why they can stand the pressure of the toughest critique.

Cupcakes may from time to time have some yummy fillings. But that’s it folks. One or two bites and that goodness is just a memory. You are then in danger of having to search out another cupcake to get your fix. No wonder there’s cupcake addiction nowadays? I wonder if there’s such a thing as CA Cupcakes Anon?

Cakes on the other hand can have layer upon layer of confectionary goodness going on. Multiple flavours, fillings, colours etc….The sky literally is the limit! There’s only one problem with cake…If it’s so good, you’ll want to share a piece with everyone you know… So have no fear in sharing.

Just my thoughts….

So if you like me feel the same about cake, say this with me. “CAKE,CAKE,CAKE!!!”(and repeat until some kind soul pops more cake into your cake hole).” – Diadem Kiss xx


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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