Cake Tales: World Book Day – Cooking the books

Today is World Book Day, so I thought I’d share one of my favourite cakes with you. Justin ordered a cake for his wife Nicola’s birthday. Nicola is a teacher, who really loves her job. Justin wanted a cake that highlighted this fact. We toyed with creating an apple cake (apple for the teacher) or a blackboard (but most classrooms don’t have these any more). Nicola teaches English and she loves to read, whenever she has any spare time.
I came up with the idea of creating a book cake to celebrate this. I gave Justin some homework. I sent him away to look on the bookshelf, and list some of his wife’s favourite books, to see which one would work as a cake. There were a number to titles we could have opted for, but we both agreed that this one would work best.
The Brave New World Cake: rich chocolate covered with fondant, decorated with an edible printed book cover. The book was presented to Nicola at a celebration meal. Here’s Nicola with her cake.

Nicola with her birthday cake.

Nicola with her birthday cake.

“Hi Cynthia,
Thank you so much for Nicola’s Birthday cake. It was amazing. She absolutely loved it. All the guests commented on how brilliant it looked and then how delicious it tasted. Thank you once again.”
– Justin Reece


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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