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Ever been tempted?

Sometimes when the temptation is too much, there’s a way round it…

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Reminiscent Vanilla

“The scent molecules in vanilla are similar to those in breast milk. It’s reassuring…It reminds us of ice-cream and our mother’s baking.” – James Craven, head nose at Les Sentuers

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As much use as a chocolate teapot

Emma Bridgewater has turned an aged old joke into a tasty treat. This Chocolate Teapot, made of British chocolate makes a great gift or a fun way to drop a tasteful hint…I can see this turning into an alternative to … Continue reading

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Cake or Cupcake? Drums, please…

“I prefer cakes to cupcakes, because cupcakes can be ready so quickly. But cakes are amazing too, you can have a slice every hour if you so wish :)My favourite type of cake is vanilla, because its just so sweet. … Continue reading

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If you enjoy reading the Delights by Cynthia blog, then don’t forget to ‘like’ the Delights by Cynthia Facebook page. You’ll get to see all my gorgeous cakes,as I don’t put everything on the website (you never know, if we … Continue reading

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Delights on Dream Corner

I’ve joined an awesome line-up of ladies who have been interviewed by the lovely Viv Oyolu of Dream Corner. Have a listen in, as I talk about Delights by Cynthia and managing family life.

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