Cake innovations

Hyperspectral imaging is used to predict the shelf-life of cake.

Hyperspectral imaging is used to predict the shelf-life of cake.

Some recent innovative research conducted at the University of Strathclyde using hyperspectral imaging technology could improve the quality of cakes, which might make a difference to the amount of wastage in most bakers’ kitchens.

The research took place at the University’s Hyperspectral Imaging Centre in collaboration with Lightbody of Hamilton, one of the UK’s premium cake manufacturers. The imaging process involves camera technology to measure a section of the might spectrum and combined with complex mathematical processing, can predict the shelf life and improve the consistency of the cake. . Lightbody of Hamilton currently use tasting panels to check the quality of its products.

This new process means that consumers can have a more improved product with a longer shelf-life; which is a great scientific breakthrough. However, if you bake and create great cakes, they be eaten, enjoyed and shouldn’t be around for that long, anyway!


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