I’m BAKING hot

Baking in the heat

As much as we love this sunshine, it’s a pretty tricky time for us bakers and cake decorators. Here’s a few top tips to keep it cool in the kitchen and things will run smoothly:

Bake early or late in the evening – basically before sunrise or sunset…It also means that you get to go outside and enjoy the sunshine
Keep it cool: When crumb-coating (or dirty icing), allow your cakes to refrigerate for a little longer than usual; especially if you are working on a 3-D carved cake
Keep cool: Drink lots of water, we don’t want you fainting in your fondant
Keep cool: If you need a fan, to cool things down, hire one or buy one, in the hope that it will be like this next year
Keep cool: Wear cool, breathable fabrics – cotton t-shirt, cotton apron and cotton cap will do
Break it up: Take as many breaks as you need to – sometimes stepping away from a slab of fondant that isn’t ‘working with you’, is all you need… Come back refreshed and ready to knead that baby.
Factor in extra time, when planning your cake decorating. Working in this heat can be tiring
Be realistic and plan for every eventuality – I know a cake business that does not take any chocolate ganache orders during July and August, simply because of the heat factor.
Be sensible, especially if you are working with fresh fruit, fresh cream, cakes covered with buttercream and frosting – keep them as cool as you can
Clue – up your customers: communicate with your customers about how they can store their cakes when they collect or receive them from you, plus how long they can keep their cakes (for fresh fruit and fresh cream cakes, my advice would be ‘baked today, eat today’).


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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One Response to I’m BAKING hot

  1. Cynthia, I too know the pitfalls of decorating in the heat. We live in Colorado where it is cool the majority of the year, but can get pretty warm during the summer months. Since we don’t have A/C, baking and decorating in the summer can be a problem. I delivered a wedding cake just last weekend that no matter what I did, it still leaned to one side, and I know it was because of the heat. I have been decorating cakes for over 35 years, so I get very frustrated when things aren’t just right and end up beating myself up over it. We moved to Colorado from HOT Arizona about 8 1/2 years ago and I know about decorating in the heat. Thanks for adding humorous to an otherwise not so humorous dilemma.

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