An afternoon at the Dior Café

Jemimah aged 10
The House of Dior took over Harrods for a month, in the spring. It seems like ages away now, but when my daughter Jemimah turned 10, she wanted to do something ladylike for her birthday. So we headed straight for Harrods, for some girly fun.

Dior Cupcakes

The Food Hall featured limited edition Dior tea, cupcakes and decorating kits. There was a simply gorgeous exhibition on the fourth floor, showcasing the collections throughout the years, which was a feast for the eyes; and provided me with lots of inspiration, even for cakes (the shapes, the colours and textures are all great starting points for cake inspiration).
Dior collection

…and there just to happened to be a pop-up Dior Café; so we popped in for tea.

Dior cafe - grey
The girls loved the Dior sketches on the wall, the dainty crockery and the elegant table settings and the waiters even commented on their good behaviour…

Dior drawing

Of course now that we’ve done Dior,there’s not much that can top that.

Jemimah and Phoebe strike a pose at the Dior exhbition.

Jemimah and Phoebe strike a pose at the Dior exhbition.


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