Was that cake bought or stollen?

Stollen cakes have been baked since the fourteenth century to resemble the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling cloths.

Try making this Stollen cake using Lakeland's recipe

Try making this Stollen cake using Lakeland’s recipe

Some say it’s a bread, others say it’s a cake; the jury’s still out on this one (I say either way, it’s delicious). Stollen is traditionally made with raisins, rum, almonds and candied lemon peel.
The most traditional Stollen comes from Dresden in Germany. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Dresden’s famous Christmas market, bakers made the world’s heaviest Stollen cake, which weighed over nine thousand pounds.

The cake had to be brought into the market on a horse-drawn carriage. More than 60 bakers, baked, stirred and layered for three and half weeks to make the super-size stolen. The ingredients included over a ton of flour, over 200 million sultanas, 750 pounds of sugar, 380 pounds of candied lemon and orange peel and 120 litres of Jamaican Rum.

The cake (or bread) was made for a worthy cause. Proceeds from every slice went to charity.

If you’d like to try to make a stollen for Christmas, why not try out this ‘downsized’ recipe from Lakeland. I’d recommend having it with a glass of Gluhwein or mulled wine

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