Three little birds

Jane wanted a cake to celebrate her dad’s 80th birthday. She didn’t want the usual ‘8’ and ‘0’. I asked whether her dad had any hobbies or anything significant, which would in spire me to come up with something for the cake. “He loves his garden and he really likes robins,” said Jane.

As soon as I think of robins, I start to think of Christmas cards. I wanted to steer clear of making a cake that had a festive feel to it.

I created this cake made of vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam (it’s good to know that Jane’s dad still has a sweet tooth). The cake was covered with fondant and decorated with a tree made of chocolate fondant and some keepsakes – three little birds.

Three little birds cake

Three little birds cake

It is always a pleasure to make cakes for birthdays, but it’s quite a privilege to make a cake for an octogenarian.

It's thumbs up from Jane's dad, for his birthday cake


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