Scone with the wind

scone with the wind jacket

I met a friend for lunch at the British Library, last week. I arrived early and had some time to kill, so went into the bookshop and stumbled upon ‘Scone with the Wind’ by Victoria Sponge (published by Virgin Books). This delicious book comprises of 72 recipes of cakes and bakes with a literary twist; edible versions of your favourite novels.
You can bake your way through classics such as:

Jane Éclair
• Breakfast at Tiffins
• Wuthering Bites
• The Hound of the (Baked) Alaska-villes
• The Pie who loved me
• Much Ado About Muffins
• Banana Karenina

My personal favourite has to be To kill a Battenburg.

There’s not much information about the author, Miss Victoria Sponge. She was born in Sandwich, Kent. She studied literature and culinary arts at the University of Madeira, graduating cream of the crop. She rose to fame as the author of such classic books as The Mona Pizza: Italian Cooking Meets Italian Art, The Codfather: Fish and Film and Madame Butterfly Buns: An Opera (Cake). She lives in Bakewell with her French financier boyfriend and their two cats, Ginger and Biscuit. Scone with the Wind is her fourth book.
This hoot of a book is the ultimate treat for book (and cake) lovers. I know it’s a bit early, but I’ve ear-marked this book for some Christmas pressies.


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