Cake on the dark side

Black nail polish

My teenage daughter seems to think that music began when Justin Bieber started posting songs on YouTube.  Her older and wiser mother thinks otherwise.

My music collection is probably as vast as my recipe collection.  I will dip in and out and listen to all types of music. Sometimes we bake and shake in the Delights Kitchen.  Other days we like a bit of moshing.


As much as I love baking and creating cakes that are pink, pretty, dainty and sparkly, I also take great delight in creating cakes that are, shall we say…on the dark side.

I’m always banging on about how great the ‘Eighties were. Being a teenager in the 80’s meant that young people were free to express themselves, through music, art and fashion.  There were no cookie cutter boy bands (well, a few, but they weren’t like some of the drones we have now) and people played real instruments. It makes me sad that these days, young people are being marginalised, just because they don’t look like everybody-else

I was thrilled to hear about World Goth Day on 22 May, a chance to revel and celebrate.  “Is that a THING?” my daughter asked…Yes honey, it is.

If it wasn’t for the unexpected sunshine on the day (and the fact that we were attending a birthday party for six year olds, that morning), the Cake Mama was going to Goth-up for the day.  I had my black attire ready, fishnets and all important eyeliner and nail varnish to boot.

I celebrated by creating these Bijoux Gothic Cakes:

Silver cross cake, decorated with silver baubles.


Angel wings cake, decorated with silver baubles.


I also loved making this My Chemical Romance cake for Millie:


Happy 13th Birthday, Millie.

I recently bought some cake moulds which will be ideal for a Steampunk themed cake. I can’t wait to start creating something a little out of the ordinary.Stick with me; I’m your Fairy Gothmother…

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