We recently had a special birthday in the Delights household.   Our eldest daughter turned 13.  Not just because she’s my daughter, but she is growing up to be a beautiful, well-mannered young lady.  We didn’t have the terrible twos, when she was a toddler, so we’re certainly not going to have a stroppy, moody teenager in our home.  Nevertheless, she is showing signs of teenage life; braces, bras and (don’t tell her Daddy)…boys.

I created two cakes to celebrate her birthday (we’re big on cake in our home, if you haven’t guessed).  Jemimah celebrated her birthday with her friends at an American diner, so she wanted a cool cake, which she could share with her friends.

My daughters are used to me working on a cake, either late into the night, or early in the morning.  I usually welcome their creative input, especially with character cakes.  For their birthdays, my girls never like to see their cakes, they still like that element of surprise.  I have to keep their cakes under wraps.

As a teenager, Jemimah is far more up-to-date with all things digital, than I am.  She is continually handing me hints and tips for the social media elements for the cake business.  “Muumm…you need to get yourself on Ins –ter-grammm…” So thanks to Jemimah, Delights by Cynthia is now on Instagram.

Instagram Cake- Delights_by _Cynthia

In her honour, I created this cake.  A vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and salted caramel.  I decorated to look like the Instagram icon.  I posted the cake on Instagram, but Jemimah promised that she would not look at her cake online, until the big reveal…

The cake arrived at the diner, the staff sang to her, as they brought the cake to the table, and thankfully, Jemimah loved the cake.


Here’s the birthday girl, straight on her phone to capture the moment.

The cake was a hit with her friends too (and if you can remember as far back as your teenage years; impressing your friends is incredibly important).



Of course since creating this cake, Instagram have only gone and revised their logo. I feel another cake in the making…

Insta 2016

About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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