Gothic Crush



I suppose you could say that as a Cake Creator, deep down, under  that frilly apron (not!), sparkly dragees and glitter I have a dark side. But when did this all start?  It all started when I was asked to make a cake that didn’t have the usual hint of pink and sparkles and it certainly wasn’t pale and pretty; the My Chemical Romance cake.  Well actually, to be honest, my first real teenage crush was  a Goth (those in the know, know who this was), so maybe the love of the alternative was always there…


After creating the cool ‘Chemical’ cake, I then went on to celebrate World Goth Day.  I created some Bijoux cakes which seemed to go down well with some of my customers.  I wished I had gothed-up for the day, much to the horror of my Bieber-loving teenager,  but I was attending a six year old’s birthday party, plus it was one of the first days of summer…(I truly feel for Goths when the sun comes out).

I paid homage to all things gothic with this collection of Gothic inspired cupcakes; they’re not for the faint-hearted, but would certainly add drama to a gothic themed wedding or celebration.


The Gothic Cupcakes are available in rich, dark, sensual, black chocolate and a moist black vanilla; some centred and oozing with blood-like black cherry jam, and topped with deep crimson-black frosting.


The cupcakes are decorated with black, grey and silver fondant; exploring gothic and steampunk icons such as Victoriana boots, crosses, top hats, blood-red roses and angel wings.

If you’d like to order a batch for your next Gothic meet-up or feast, why not order some from your Fairy Gothmother.  Or join me on 10 September, when I host my first Goth Cupcake class.

Photography by Alex Harris


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business and love all things sweet. I also empower and encourage women to start and develop their businesses and creative projects...Basically, equipping them to pursue their passions.
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