It’s National Cookie Day!

It seems like there’s a special a day for everything. It turns out that 4 December is National Cookie Day. A day to feast on and celebrate the humble or mighty cookie! The day was set and fixed as 4 December by the Children’s Dictionary of Sesame Street. Since then, lovers of all things sweet have joined in the celebrations.


Back in the day…
The first biscuit was baked in Denmark. Danish bakers used to check the temperature of their ovens, by using small pieces of dough, so they wouldn’t spoil their whole pie cases. At some point, somebody in the bakery realised that these little lumps of baked dough were delicious enough to eat on their own…and the rest (as they say) is history.


636106660973163856550329840_2-chocolate chip cookies-anne peterson-flickr

What’s your flavour?
Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal or Gingerbread….

Chocolate Chip: In 1937, Ruth Wakefield (the owner of a small hotel) added slices of chocolate bars into butter dough, instead of grated chocolate. She hoped the chocolate would melt and give the biscuits a chocolatey brown tinge. Instead, the chocolate didn’t melt and her happy accident, resulted in chocolate chip cookies. It’s perfectly ok to experiment or mess-up a recipe, you never know what you will create.
Oatmeal: Let’s go back to Seventeenth Century Scotland. A time when wheat was seen as inferior and oats were the grain or seed of choice. Oatmeal cookies were initial baked on an open fire. Today you can bake them in your oven; plain or sweet.
Gingerbread: Legend has it that English monks in 12-13th Century invented gingerbread cookies, at a time when many European countries were using spices in their cooking. The most popular spice was ginger. Over time, ginger has become synonymous with Christmas, as has the gentle gingerbread cookie…Why wait a whole year for these delicious delights.
Here are some more interesting facts about cookies:
• The word “cookie” is an English word, which derives from a Dutch word “koekje,” meaning little or small cake
• The most popular cookie around the world is the chocolate chip cookie
• The world’s largest cookie was baked by the Immaculate Baking Company, weighing in at more than 18 tonnes and 102 feet wide
• Fortune cookies were created in California, and not China

All this talk of cookies is making me hungry.  Hand me a glass of milk…




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