Wish list

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year.  I’ve not burnt a single cake in 2017 and I’ve not even been tempted to ‘lick the spoon’.  If you’ve not bought my presents yet, any of these will come in handy for me.

Cake steamer

Cake steamer – So I can add some gloss, sheen and shine to my cake creations.


Blow torch –To turn up the heat in the Delights Kitchen.  Think of all the great techniques with fondant and meringue.

Star Baker

Apron – Nothing frilly or silly.  Just something to wear when I’m baking or decorating.


A cake-themed doormat – To welcome all my friends and customers.  A doormat with cake will lead them straight to the Delights Kitchen.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Shoe Bakery Shoes – It’s good to look good on days or nights out.


Black buttercream – Either ready-made or for some hints and tips for the blackest buttercream.  In 2018, it’s time for me to release my inner Goth and make some of these cakes that have been roaming through my mind.  They may not be pretty, but they will still be fab!

Cupcake charm

Tiffany Cupcake Charm– It will look so cute and dainty on my wrist.  In fact, it will look charming

And finally, if it’s not too much trouble, I would like a Christmas Miracle…Or at least, a Christmas Angel.  Someone to show up and sort out all my cake clutter (Mr Delights will be happy, all my cake gadgets and equipment is taking over our home).

If you’re swinging by on the evening of the 24th, I’ll leave your cupcake and a drop of the ‘good stuff’ in the usual place.

Lots of love and kisses,


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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