Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha and Cupcakes

Can you believe it is 20 years since we were introduced to Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.

Credit - HBO

Credit – HBO

There were many memorable moments in the series, but for some of us who like the sweet stuff, the most memorable moment tool place on a park bench.  Carrie and Miranda sit on the bench outside Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street and devour cupcakes while discussing latest beau.

The scene lasted one minute and 17 seconds, but that was all it took to create cupcake frenzy.  Those vanilla cupcakes with fluffy pink frosting sparked a cupcake phenomenon around New York City.  People began to travel far and wide to visit the bakery where Carrie spoke about her love live, while eating a $4 cupcake.

Magnolia Bakery

Credit: Magnolia Bakery

Within weeks of the famous episode, queues began to form around the block.  People were prepared to wait, and once they had their first Carrie-Cupcake moment, they know it was worth it.

Years later, people began to do Sex and the City tours and the most popular stop-off, was the Magnolia Bakery.

The bakery even created a speciality cupcake, dedicated to Sarah Jessica Parker’s television character: A delicious vanilla cupcake with pale frosting and a sugar flow in the middle, perched on top.

Today, to celebrate 20 years of Sex and the City, Magnolia Bakery is giving away 50 of their Carrie Cupcakes in all nine of their locations.  You’ll have to leg it in your Louboutin’s, as they’re only available between 12pm – 1pm.


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