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Bless the bride

It was lovely to make these cupcakes, early one Saturday morning, for a special bridal shower breakfast, for a bride-to-be. A week before her wedding a group of us girlies got together for a breakfast and just to bless this … Continue reading

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Cake Tales: World Book Day – Cooking the books

Today is World Book Day, so I thought I’d share one of my favourite cakes with you. Justin ordered a cake for his wife Nicola’s birthday. Nicola is a teacher, who really loves her job. Justin wanted a cake that … Continue reading

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Women of a certain age

When my mum turned 50 we had a family get together, so of course, there was cake.  This is one of the cakes I vividly remember being involved in.  I came up with the design and my sister put the … Continue reading

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Anniversary cake

I’ll never forget Saturday 15 June 2002.  It was the day that England beat Denmark 2-0 in the World Cup…It was also my wedding day (I was five minutes late because I was watching the football).  We celebrated our ten year … Continue reading

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Daddy Cool

I never thought Boney M could inspire me to create a cake (but according to my buddies, I am stuck in a musical timewarp). I created this cake for my husband, for Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day, Johnson! To the … Continue reading

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Diesel Dads

With Father’s Day approaching, I thought it be fitting to honour the dads, especially all the dads I meet in the Delights Kitchen. Diesel Dads, as I call them are young (well, they’re about my age, so that’s middle-youth, baby), … Continue reading

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Dream a little dream of cake

My daughters usually go to bed at around 7.30pm.  When I’ve got cakes to bake or decorate for the next day, ‘Daddy Delights’ does the bedtime shift. Once I’ve kissed the girls goodnight, on goes the oven and the Kenwood … Continue reading

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I’m the creative one.  My husband is the financially savvy one. He knows which bank is giving the best deals on interest and his eyes don’t glaze over when the bank statements arrive.  He saves for a rainy day and as for me… … Continue reading

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Cake Extra: Do fries go with that shake?

3.30-4.30pm is known as sneaky-cheeky girl time in our home.  I pick Jemimah up from school and we just hang out together. Jemimah gets an hour with me, before we pick up Phoebe and before ‘Daddy Delights’ arrives home from … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday and I’ll bake if I want to

So, it’s my birthday today.  Another year older (yes, I know, I don’t look it) and supposedly wiser.  Of course there’ll be a fair amount of cakery in the Delights Kitchen today.  Once the cake orders for the day are … Continue reading

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