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The Delights House

It was one of those Saturday afternoons.  The customers had arrived and collected their cakes, the chores were completed, and it was a bright, sunny day.  I took my daughters for a walk, to get some exercise and fresh air, … Continue reading

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We won’t name and (cake) shame

Most of my family and friends know that I’m all-about-the-cake. That means I bake from scratch and I’m not the biggest fan of manufactured cakes (there’s more love in a home baked cake). So when I invited a friend to … Continue reading

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Bake it off

It was great to see Jamie Oliver and Taylor Swift in action last week for Stand Up to Cancer. Jamie was sending up Taylor with his own rendition of ‘Shake it off’, which he called ‘Bake it off, with his … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season to bake, eat and be merry!

Tate & Lyle have totally got into the festive baking spirit with this limited edition Lyle’s Golden Syrup® gold tin, which features a Christmas pudding and a traditional sixpence. This kitchen classic is essential to all your Christmas baking. Whether … Continue reading

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Throw in the towel

Here’s the perfect stocking filler for the baker of the house.  Available from

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love this time of year.  There’s always a bit more sparkle around the Delights Kitchen in December….I have the perfect excuse not to hold back on the lustre and the glitter.  Here are some decorations I made earlier. I … Continue reading

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Beiber x12

I had the strangest dream, the other night.  I dreamt that Justin Beiber had been cloned twelve times and all twelve clones were sitting in the Delights Kitchen, watching me bake… I can’t, for the life of me, imagine why … Continue reading

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Diesel Dads

With Father’s Day approaching, I thought it be fitting to honour the dads, especially all the dads I meet in the Delights Kitchen. Diesel Dads, as I call them are young (well, they’re about my age, so that’s middle-youth, baby), … Continue reading

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Cake Crush

Another new feature on this blog is going to be called Cake Crush.  These are the people who I admire I look up to Have so much to learn from Have been blessed to meet, in this crazy world of … Continue reading

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Delightful design

My beautiful friend Stéphanie created this paper design for me…Isn’t it gorgeous?! This is definitely one to hang on the wall in the Delights by Cynthia shop.

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