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Back to Black

Here’s my slightly different take on the Monogram Cupcake trend, which has been inspired by Sophia Mya Cupcakes.  For me, it’s more edgy and a step away from all things pink, pretty and fluffy.  The cupcakes are decorated with different … Continue reading

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Birthday Biscuits

I’m a busy mum. As we head towards the end of each week, I’m surprised with the amount I am able to achieve, yet I sometimes still feel overwhelmed with what is still left on my to-do list. My eldest … Continue reading

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Hope you had a cool yule

I must be honest. I needed to make a festive cake for an event…Pronto! I’m not sure why, but I went back in time (waaay back), to my Home Economics class in secondary school. One of the things we were … Continue reading

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Cake Tales: Leave it to Beiber

If Justin Beiber was around in my day, he would have been known as a teen idol or teen heart- throb.  I come from a generation of girls who avidly bought Just Seventeen, Smash Hits and Photo Love. Nowadays, the … Continue reading

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