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Back to Black

Here’s my slightly different take on the Monogram Cupcake trend, which has been inspired by Sophia Mya Cupcakes.  For me, it’s more edgy and a step away from all things pink, pretty and fluffy.  The cupcakes are decorated with different … Continue reading

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Kitchen Nightmares

I want to level with you; can I just be real here (among the filtered photos and selfie lights)? I actually have some baking fears…Yes, fears about certain bakes cakes and recipes.  There are things that I have just backed … Continue reading

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Wedding Cake Jitters

  When I first started making wedding cakes, I was a bag of nerves.  Making the cakes, decorating the cakes, delivering them and setting them up gave me the jitters.  I was probably more nervous than the brides.  I just … Continue reading

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Royal Icing

I found out the other day, that Royal Icing was named after  the combination of egg white and icing sugar, to make the decorations and piping on QueenVictoria’s wedding cake.  It seems that Royal Icing and intricate piping is coming back … Continue reading

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