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Wanna be startin’ something?

I can’t tell you how much this illustration by Jaco Haasbroek made me laugh…Enjoy!

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Cake or Cupcake? Drums, please…

“I prefer cakes to cupcakes, because cupcakes can be ready so quickly. But cakes are amazing too, you can have a slice every hour if you so wish :)My favourite type of cake is vanilla, because its just so sweet. … Continue reading

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Cake or cupcake? – ‘Places please’

“A slice of cake any day. There’s nothing like a bit of warm, soft, moist chocolate or banana cake accompanied with a dollop of fresh homemade vanilla ice-cream.” – Femi Olufowoju, jnr – Director

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Cake or Cupcake? The Diplomatic answer

I love cupcakes, but three types of ‘sliced’ cake spring to mind: • Sarah’s (my wife) carrot cake with butter/cream-cheese topping is lovely • My Mum’s apple cake • Sarah’s Mum’s Christmas cake All delightful in their own ways. Phil … Continue reading

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Galette de rois – part 2

I picked my daughters up from school this afternoon. As a ‘good mother’, I always ask “How was your day? and “what did you learn?” Well, to my surpise, Jemimah learnt all about a French tradition at New Year. She … Continue reading

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Cake or cupcake? – Miss Afrolicious!

“There are pros and cons to both: Cupcakes are great, you don’t have to share with anyone (and lets face it we have all thought that!) but I find the bottom half of the cupcake never lives up to the … Continue reading

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Cake or Cupcake? The Drummer

“I’m quite partial to the occasional cupcake, but for me I’ll always prefer a good slice of cake. Carrot cake in particular will usually find its way into my stomach, if it stares at me for too long.” – Marc … Continue reading

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Hail Mary!

In a recent interview in the Guardian, the Queen of Cakes, Mary Berry, gave us the green light to enjoy cake without the guilt of the salad squad: “Cakes can be healthy too, you just eat a thin slice of … Continue reading

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First, there’s the kiss.  After that, the first official role as a married couple is the cutting of the cake. Some couples don’t feel the need to find a song to accompany  their cake cutting, but I feel that it … Continue reading

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