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The secret ingredient

  When you bake, you must bake with love.  If you don’t bake with love in your heart (or at least a love of baking), what’s the point of baking? When you bake for someone or someone bakes for you, … Continue reading

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How about a cake date?

You like him… You like her… You know he likes you… You’re convinced she likes you… You see him everyday… You see her everyday… Same time…Same… -bus stop -platform -water fountain by the photocopier You can almost set your watch … Continue reading

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With love, from me to you…

Hey you! You thought you wouldn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day?…Thought you’d you’d been overlooked or forgotten today? You don’t need the Royal Mail, or Clintons or your local florist to prove that you are loved…Deep down you know that already. … Continue reading

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