Let’s get physical

It delights me no end to know that there are fitness trainers who aren’t all power shakes and protein bars; but they actually give in to the good stuff every now and then.

I’ve made two cakes for fitness trainers so far; and I hope that there are more cakes to come.

The Trainer Cake was a rich chocolate cake covered with fondant and decorated with  sugardough trainers on the top of the cake. 

This Kettlebell Cake was a hand carved vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam (apparently the wording around the cake is from a song this trainer uses in his sessions).

It roughly takes a full intensity workout for an hour to burn off a slice of cake (although it does depend on the type of cake and how big the slice is), which also reminds me I need to get back with the programme at the gym.  Recently, the only time I have been able to feel the burn is when I open the oven door, too quickly.


About Delights by Cynthia

I have a cake business called Delights by Cynthia. I blog about cakes, treats and all things sweet.
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