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January press coverage

Our LOVE Cake was featured in Asian Wedding Ideas   Here we are in the January issue of PRIDE magazine.

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Iron Cupcakes

 Not many people know this, but I had my light bulb moment about my cake business, on a train to London, coming back from the Conservative Party Conference in 2005.  I bought a slice of cake, ate the cake and … Continue reading

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Happy Cake

They say 25 January is one of the most depressing days of the year: It’s cold (unless you’re hanging out somewhere typically tropical) It’s dark It’s not quite pay day By this date, you’re probably back on the wagon Given … Continue reading

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Yum and strum

A cupcake shaped guitar…Who’d have thunk it? I’m so glad I’ve clocked this after Christmas, because I know the resident guitar player in our home would love this.  If you’ve still got some pennies left over after Crimbo, you can … Continue reading

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Cake Tales: Baby Cakes

I have four fantastic nephews, but when I heard I was going to have a niece, I secretly squealed with delight. My daughters were excited that there was one more girl to bring the numbers up, when all the family get together. … Continue reading

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Cake Tales: Home Sweet Home

When you reel off things that remind you of home, it won’t be too long before cake comes into the equation. So when a good friend of ours moved into her new home, we made this cake for her.  Vanilla … Continue reading

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Cake Tales: Notorious P.I.G.

  Phoebe, my little one, just loves Peppa Pig.  Our home is filled with all kinds of  Peppa Pig paraphernalia.    Some nights, Phoebe would rather sleep in her Peppa pig play house than her own bed.  So when I was asked to create … Continue reading

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