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The girl can’t help it

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The healthy side to cupcakes

That is all. Enjoy!

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Wanna be startin’ something?

I can’t tell you how much this illustration by Jaco Haasbroek made me laugh…Enjoy!

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Treat your inner-kid to a cupcake

Now you see it Now you don’t Special thanks to Charlie Crafer, for showing us the sheer delight of cupcakes.

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It’s Friday!

So which cake are you having to celebrate? Happy Friday!

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What’s in a name?

It was my husband’s birthday last month, and of course I made him a birthday cake. He sees cake practically every day in the Delights Kitchen. So I wanted to create something simple (he doesn’t go in for fuss), something … Continue reading

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Cake or cupcake? – Miss Sweetness herself

Phillipa, the character in the Phillipa series of picture books, loves fairy cakes. Her favourite type of fairy cake is an iced lemon fairy cake, which she loves to eat at tea parties with her friends – just like in … Continue reading

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Who said cupcakes are bad for your teeth?

You’ll love this Cupcake Toothpaste if you have a sweet tooth. Just squeeze onto your toothbrush and get brushing. I wonder what my dentist will think about this?

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Cake or Cupcake? ‘Snap’

“I love a slice of moist sponge cake that has recently come out of the oven together with a generous dollop of strawberry ice cream 🙂 I love cakes that have just come out of the oven because they have … Continue reading

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Katy Berry

Bless her – my little girl keeps calling Mary Berry (the queen of cakes), Katy Berry. She’s obviously getting her confused with Katy Perry (Pop Princess). Can you see the resemblance? Is seems like someone else has the same idea… … Continue reading

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