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Sweet Greetings

Celebrate someone’s birthday with this delicious cupcake card from Susan’s Cards. It’s bound to sweeten them up!

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Holy Sweetness

Children say the funniest things, especially my daughters. The other day, my four year old asked me “Mummy, you’re always talking about Pastor Sugar, who is he, where is he?” It took me a while to work out what on … Continue reading

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Cake or Cupcake? Do I have to choose?

“I absolutely love a slice of Victoria Sponge or a Lemon Drizzle cake. Having said that, I can’t refuse a Red Velvet cupcake…How could I?”- Lánre, Singer & Songwriter Catch Lanré at Ronnie Scotts for the Jazz Verse Jukebox.

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Passion cake

This story has been doing the rounds, but I still wanted to write about it, because it’s close to my heart… Chris Holmes was an immigration office at Border Force, Stanstead Airport, but he had a passion to start his … Continue reading

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Add some sweetness to someone’s day

Saturday morning is a good time to be in the Delights Kitchen. Once the orders and deliveries have gone out, there is always some left over cake, which we make use of a Saturday teatime or playdates. My girls are … Continue reading

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