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Press coverage

British Baker – 22 April 2011 Delights by Cynthia was mentioned in the British Baker, last week.

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Wedding Cake Jitters

  When I first started making wedding cakes, I was a bag of nerves.  Making the cakes, decorating the cakes, delivering them and setting them up gave me the jitters.  I was probably more nervous than the brides.  I just … Continue reading

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Cool Britannia Cupcakes

This week, there are only three colours of icing and decorations I will be working with…red, white and blue! These cupcakes are a great way to celebrate the Royal Wedding.  Red, white and blue Vanilla Sponge Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream, dusted … Continue reading

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Britannia Royale

  Delights by Cynthia Britannia Royale Wedding Cake Photography by Kelvin Coker As the nation prepares to celebrate the Royal Wedding, I thought I’d create some cupcakes and a wedding cake inspired by the royal nuptials.   The Red-White-and-Blue theme … Continue reading

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Royal Icing

I found out the other day, that Royal Icing was named after  the combination of egg white and icing sugar, to make the decorations and piping on QueenVictoria’s wedding cake.  It seems that Royal Icing and intricate piping is coming back … Continue reading

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Appy Clappy

My buddy Greg makes no apology for the fact that he is a techno geek.  He’s rarely inches (sorry, that should be centimetres) away from his iPad or iPhone*.  Maybe it’s his age; he’s part of the Digital Native generation. … Continue reading

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Dancing the cake away

  The family think I’m having a mid-life crisis and have been teasing me terribly.  Twice a week, I don my lycra and trainers and head out to my local gym, to shimmy, shake and wiggle-it at a Zumba class.  … Continue reading

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Birthday bits with lots of cakery! It was my birthday a few weeks ago.  It’s so sweet that family and friends took the effort to choose cake related goodies for me. Thanks so much!

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Cake my Day

If you’re starting a new job on Monday, and you’re slightly anxious about being the new kid on the block; here’s a tip to have your new team eating out of the palm of your hand…On your first day, turn … Continue reading

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First, there’s the kiss.  After that, the first official role as a married couple is the cutting of the cake. Some couples don’t feel the need to find a song to accompany  their cake cutting, but I feel that it … Continue reading

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